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Our Origins

Do you Remember...

Do you remember how your grandfather always kept a green tin in the mudroom on the farm and your Dad applied it each fall to his best hunting boots. They trusted it and swore by it...
Now you can have the same quality products from Nor-V-Gen® that have been protecting fine leather goods for 90+ years.
Nor-V-Gen® is a family owned business that will carry on the tradition of the hand crafted proven formula. Paying strict attention to the quality of the Nor-V-Gen® product that so many of you and generations before you trusted and used religiously over the years.
Although we are a small company we are producing Nor-V-Gen® daily, ready to get the product to our customers as quickly as we can.
It is our goal to be true to the original product that has protected your fine leather goods for over 90 years. We look forward to doing business with you and we are excited to have the opportunity to serve you.
FourdiamondB Enterprises located at 517 Main St. in Downing, Wisconsin owns and manufactures the Nor-V-Gen® products. Nor-V-Gen® is an odorless and colorless product it does not contain any animal by-products or silicone that may damage stitching.
Nor-V-Gen is barnyard acid proof and is used by many construction workers that spend the day with their boots covered in mud and concrete.
The product is also used to soften baseball and softball mitts along with other sports equipment. We have many customers that purchase our leather conditioner for their saddles, chaps and tack and of course for their cowboy boots. It is also good for hiking boots, fashion boots, and shoes. Go ahead and try it for yourself.
Your leather is an investment. Protect and preserve it with Nor-V-Gen®. Superior leather waterproofing trusted for generations.

Nor-V-Gen Green Tins
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